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  • Screen shot: YouTube: Repeat playback
  • Screen shot: YouTube: Playback speed controller extend
  • Screen shot: YouTube: Video effect
  • Screen shot: Amazon: Currency Converter
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"SmaSurf for Web Browser Extension" is an web browser extension of the free software to install Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Extended to up to 4x speed up the playback speed of YouTube HTML5 video player speed controller
  • Video player to play in the rotated 180 degrees or mirror video or upside down
  • To view the other mail order sites links to Amazon
  • Currency conversion amounts to the Amazon in the world

Amazon automatic currency converter

  • Screen shot: Amazon: Automatic currency converter

"SmaSurf for Web Browser Extension" will automatically display currency amounts converted from Amazon.

Amazon is available in the world.

Some product categories in the world Amazon can be shipped internationally. (There are exceptions, such as the Amazon Marketplace sell products).

  • Books
  • Music (CD)
  • DVD/Blu-ray
  • VHS

Amazon.fr (France) and Amazon.it (Italy) has many more products categories that are compatible with international shipping.

The Amazon site will vary by country language, ordering is almost the same in any country.

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